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Beaverton Schools

Inclement Weather

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The recommendation to delay or close school is based on the ability of:

  •       The district to operate school buses safely.
  •       Students and parents/guardians to drive safely.
  •       Students to walk safely.
  •       Employees to get to work safely​​.

Decisions about school closure or delayed start will typically be communicated to media outlets and posted on the district website, via ParentSquare and via social media by 5:30 a.m.

We encourage families to make transportation and attendance decisions for their children based on their own assessment of travel conditions at their locations.

When schools OPEN on time, and buses are on snow routes:

  • All schools operate on regular schedules.
  • There is no bus service for Bonny Slope, Nancy Ryles and Sato Elementary Schools.
  • Terra Nova program is canceled all day.
  • If the weather forecast calls for declining weather conditions throughout the day, the District will implement snow routes for afternoon dismissal.

When schools open on a 2-hour delay, and buses are on snow routes:

  • All schools will open two hours later than regularly scheduled.
  • The following classes/programs are canceled:
    • Morning Early Intervention
    • Morning Head Start classes
    • Morning Little Warriors program
    • Morning preschool classes
    • Morning Health Careers & Automotive Technology program
    • Terra Nova program 
  • There is no bus service for:
    • Any student with a modified schedule (classes beginning prior to 11:00 a.m.)
    • Beaverton Early Childhood Center (BECC) (classes beginning prior to 12:30 p.m.)
    • Bonny Slope, Nancy Ryles and Sato Elementary Schools
    • McKinney-Vento students living outside of the district
    • Special education students receiving services at Arata Creek, Jenkins Estate (THPRD), Oregon State School for the Deaf, Parry Center at Edwards Elementary, Portland Lifeworks, Serendipity, Tucker Maxon and Wheatley.
  • There is bus service for:
    • Afternoon Head Start classes
    • Afternoon preschool classes 
    • All-day Head Start classes (Elmonica, Garden Home and Kinnaman)
    • All BSD in-district special education programs other than those listed above
    • Beaverton Early Childhood Center (BECC) (classes beginning after 12:30 p.m. or later)
    • Preschool Promise program at Community School
    • Special education students receiving services at Cascade Academy, Columbia Academy, Groner Elementary, Levi Anderson and Pacific Academy

When weather conditions necessitate an early dismissal/closure of schools:

  • Families should refer to the district website, ParentSquare, social media and local media for updates.
  • All daytime and evening activities/events are canceled.

When all district schools and facilities are closed:

  • All daytime and evening activities/events are canceled.    

For schools and programs which do not receive bus service due to inclement weather, families have the following transportation options:

  • You may elect to transport your child yourself and receive reimbursement from the BSD Transportation Department for mileage (at the district rate) to and from the program/school.
  • You may contact Flat Cab (503-970-0033) and request a ride for your child. You need to ask for a district-approved driver. This cab company is the only company with arrangements to transport BSD students. The District will reimburse you for the cab fare when presented with a receipt. A receipt can be obtained from the driver. 


Revised 11/15/23